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Kick Ass Caramels - Stony Plain

Quality Ingredients

Kick Ass Caramels uses only the freshest ingredients. The basis for all of our flavours is four simple things.

Sugar, butter, cream, corn syrup.

There’s nothing mysterious about it, there are no chemical preservatives, and everything is made by hand. Every caramel, is created, cut, wrapped, cellophane, and packaged with love… You won’t find ‘love’ on our ingredient list, but we can assure you that it’s in there!

Just to be clear, all of our caramels are wrapped in traditional old-fashioned wax paper wrappers, and bagged for freshness… You’re welcome.

Cheesecake Caramels

Feature Flavour: Cheescake!

Cheesecake Caramels: The Ultimate Slice of Sweet and Savory Seduction!

Buckle up, taste explorers, because we’re taking your sweet tooth on a whirlwind romance with our Cheesecake Caramels – the confectionery equivalent of a love affair between dessert royalty! 🍰💕

Picture this: creamy cheesecake and silky caramel locked in a passionate embrace, creating a flavor profile so seductive that it makes strawberries blush and graham crackers get jealous. These caramels are so irresistible that even Cupid is taking notes on sweet seduction. 😘🏹

But beware, because these Cheesecake Caramels are the ultimate love potion. One bite, and you’ll be writing sonnets, serenading your dessert, and proposing a lifetime of sweet-toothed happiness. So, if you’re ready to embark on a culinary love affair that’ll make your taste buds swoon, head to Kick Ass Caramels and let the sweet surrender begin! 💘🥂🤣

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More Than Just Caramels

If you’re a caramel fanatic, then welcome home, sweet home! Here at Caramel Central, our obsessive (and frankly, bordering on the unhinged) passion is to custom-craft our infamously addictive, gourmet caramel cubes.

Our collection includes everything from caramel sauce that’s practically illegal in seven states, to caramel-scented candles that’ll have your house smelling so sweet, even your grandma will ask what you’re up to. And let’s not forget our peanut brittle – it’s so exceptional, your teeth might file a restraining order.

These are just a few of the sinfully sweet specimens you’ll find bubbling away in our Kick Ass kitchen – a place where sugar and spice live out their wildest fantasies. Enter at your own risk; your waistline has been warned!

Kick Ass Caramels - Awesome Sauce

Our Top Sellers!

Salted Caramel: Our Salted Caramels: the tantalizing teeter-totter between sugar and salt – it’s like the Fifty Shades of Candy, only far more palatable.

Caramel in the Nude (Plain): Nothing says risqué like our ‘Caramel in the Nude,’ which strips caramel down to its bare essentials – it’s so exposed, it should probably come with a parental advisory sticker!

Buttered Rum (Tastes like the old Lifesavers): Pop our Buttered Rum Caramels for a deep dive into nostalgia; it’s like sucking on a 70’s disco ball, minus the questionable fashion choices and disco inferno.

Cherry Almond (Tastes like Nibs with almond slices): Our Cherry Almond Caramels are the candy equivalent of a rock concert where cherries smash the guitar and almond slices crowd-surf – remember to bring your earplugs!

Canadian Maple: Our Canadian Maple Caramels: it’s like getting a warm, sticky hug from a shirtless Canadian lumberjack – and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t maple-leave in that?!

Black Licorice: Indulge in the noir allure of our Black Licorice Caramels, it’s like flirting with the dark, mysterious stranger at the bar, only less commitment and fewer questionable life choices.

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Kick Ass Caramels

Their salted caramel sauce is also delicious....over everything! I love it as a dip with tart Granny Smith apples

Susan S.

I can’t go into her store without spending no less than $50! Best ever! No one can change my mind! Btw- the jar of sauce is AMAZING too. Eaten by the spoonful of course!

Tabitha J.


Daina K.

The cherry whiskey and licorice ones are my weakness!

Jeannine R.

Love these guys so much. These caramels are sinfully good lol

Midori A.

The mint ones and butter rum are chefs kiss!! Eat the whole damn bag good.

Shauna G.

Best caramels I have ever tasted.

Laina F.

Even if you forget about them for 6 months they are still super soft and amazing

Trevor W.

I ate the whole bag. #notsorry

Dominique B.

THEY ARE SOOOO DAMN GOOD! Hard to stop after eating just 1!

Sonia B.

They are very addictive, can’t just have one!!

Laverne W.

Gail Lou, Heidi Lou you guys KICK ASS!! 😍😍😍😍 Support small business, these guys are amazing, and their product is top notch.

Nicole M.

I bought the eggnog flavored ones and dang!! So amazing!!

Chantal M.

Sooooo good! Always gift my clients these this time of year 🎄❤️

Brittany P.

The absolute best. Like no other caramel I’ve ever had. I’m completely addicted. 🤤

Dana R.

We've been to their kitchen in red deer and had fresh ones and I swear it's worth the drive 😆

Nicole D.

They had free samples at a market thing once and i think i went back like a million times theyre so good

Logan A.

They are the best! I love the gingerbread ones they have out at Christmas

Stephanie M.
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